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Senin, 23 Agustus 2010

Find the Secret of Slim with Simple Diet

All women expect to have a healthy and slim body. With a sleek body that not only reduces the risk of heart disease but also makes women more attractive appearance. Many ways to lose weight including dieting under the supervision of beauty clinics. But here will discuss how you can do simple diet at home with little cost. Please follow the way below :

• Knowledge. Previously you had to know the basic knowledge of dietary needs such as nutrition and how to get it, what foods are allowed and forbidden to be eaten.
• Discipline. Diet should be done consistently, focus and never become weary. If you give up and not disciplined then any program that you still follow the results will not be optimal.
• Create a schedule of diet. You can create your own menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That must be considered is to eat less food containing fat, protein and high carbohydrate but add fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits
• Eliminate the habit of eating snacks, especially at night. Women frequently eat snacks such as candy, chocolate, snacks for that you must discard the bad habits.
• Sports. Perform regular exercise until you sweat. The goal is to burn fat in your body.
• Drink much water.