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Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Quick Way to Make Your White Teeth

Who does not want to have healthy teeth and white teeth, but are you sure you want to have white teeth? Of course, many factors that make your teeth dull colored so unpleasant to the eye. Among them are caused by food, beverages or bacterium of the tooth. Oral hygiene should always be your guard, leftover food stuck to make the bacteria multiply in your mouth. Clean by brushing your teeth regularly and use toothpaste products that are suitable for your teeth. How to make glowing white teeth?

Now has launch Contrast PM, fluid shape of teeth whitening gel that can make the teeth become whiter and healthier. Contrast PM made with safe ingredients to whiten your teeth. The content contained on Contrast PM is carbamide peroxide and potassium nitrate; these products have good quality to overcome the dull color of teeth. In the production supervision of experts in the teeth, this product is the best choice so dull dental problems can be resolved.

Contrast PM is available in three variants namely the composition of carbamide peroxide with a composition of 10%, 15% and 20%. For the content of carbamide peroxide 10% and 15% used at night with a long time or at least use for 4 hours and to contain 20% carbamide used during the day with only 2 hours usage time. How to use the Contrast PM very simple: pour the gel on the teeth tray is recommended as much in the way of usage. Place the tray on the top teeth and bottom teeth and then let Contrast PM work. If you've finished, remove the tray from the teeth of your teeth. Rinse and remove residual gel that sticks to your teeth by brushing gently so that no residual gel on the teeth. Now, who says it is difficult to get white teeth and healthy.

It’s easy, right? .... Try Contrast PM for white teeth and healthy.