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Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Smart People Smoking with Electronic Cigarette

You may feel strange with the above title, right? Yes ... Now there is a new way for those of you who have a smoking bad hobby that is the electronic cigarette. What is the difference between the electronic cigarettes with regular cigarettes? Unlike cigarette tobacco, the electronic cigarette does not use tobacco, but only a taste of tobacco that is stored in the cartridge in liquid form. By converting the liquid into steam then you will still feel the sensation of smoking but not dangerous because it contains no tar or carcinogens.

If necessary, you can choose other than tobacco flavor and you can add a taste of nicotine with four choices of nicotine that is none, medium, medium and high. You can buy electronic cigarette kits that consist of five cartridges with the taste of tobacco, two rechargeable battery, atomizer and charger with cable.
You can also refill with by purchasing tobacco flavor in a package that contains 5 cartridges. In addition, you can replace the sprayer or a battery that is sold separately. With the electronic cigarette then you make yourself and your closest family become healthier. Reduce the danger of smoking for cigarette addicts like you and protect passive smoke is the most important goal from new product electronic cigarette launching. Electronic Cigarette change bad habits into a modern lifestyle that is more concerned with health and the environment.

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