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Senin, 14 Februari 2011

Women's Health Threat

As a woman, some disease threat posed by an unhealthy lifestyle your health lurk all the time. Women, in fact have a lifetime risk for developing osteoporosis are greater than men. Even according to statistical records, 2 of 3 women over age 60 suffer from shrinkage of bone density significantly.

Women also have a fat composition that is generally higher than men. This means that women have a slower metabolic rate also when compared with men. Slower metabolism which means the rate of fat deposition also becomes faster. And the rate of accumulation of fat has been associated with faster physical condition called metabolic syndrome, a condition where the body deal with the potential of developing the disease diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, stroke, and coronary heart disease.

Women who are not diligent in exercising, let alone to adjust his diet will face many health risks at a relatively younger age as well. Breast cancer and cervical cancer is a type of cancer is biggest killer women in various countries. And this is a horrible reality at once painful. However the disease can be prevented as long as the woman was willing to open themselves to live a lifestyle of fitness.

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