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Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Relax Tips For Pregnant Women

As you might know that pregnancy often makes women stress because the body undergoes major changes in order to support the growth of the baby. However pregnant women should remain relaxed so as not to interfere with fetal growth that is in the womb. Stress experienced during pregnancy is usually due to fear in facing the birth process or body experience nausea which makes difficult activity, especially pregnant women eat.

There are a few tips that can make a pregnant woman to remain relaxed including the following:

1. Listen to soothing music. Listening to music can reduce stress and make your body and mind of pregnant women became more relaxed. Sit relaxed and comfortable, closing your eyes and listen to music will reduce fatigue and stress that exists.

2. Putting the foot a little higher. Pain in the feet and ankles is a common problem in pregnant women especially during the third trimester.

3. Reflection. Some reflection on the legs would give effect to the entire body. This method is very simple but it can relieve tension and help alleviate any illness experienced during pregnancy.

4. Doing massage. To relieve tension and muscle relaxation so pregnant women can do massage. Pregnant women can ask her husband to do it or go to a special massage for pregnant women.

5. Do meditation or yoga. Doing meditation will help to calm the mind so it can help to reduce stress.

6. Breathing fresh air and bask when the morning sun. Pregnant women can try to breathe fresh air in the morning while walking around the house, because the fresh air and sunshine in the morning will help pregnant women to relax.

7. Laughter. Gather with family or friends and then laugh is a natural form of therapy for pregnant women so that your mind will feel comfortable and calm.

8. Enjoying time with her husband. Pregnant women need to take time to relax with your partner as enjoying dinner together, go to a place or two of your favorite entertainment.

9. Enjoy the water. Pregnant women can enjoy the water in a way specific to pregnant women swim or soak in the bath. In this way will eliminate any fatigue and make a pregnant woman to relax.

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