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Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

Global Warming, Climate Change & Greenhouse Effect

What do you know about the Global Warming, Climate Change & Greenhouse Effect? As you all know that Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming which gives a direct impact on global climate change and now these impacts can already be felt by humans throughout the world. You can see the various tragic events through a variety of television news from around the world that inform the occurrence of extreme climate changes such as the rainy season is very long, very long dry season, weather changes are extreme, prolonged snowstorms, earthquakes and tsunamis as occurred in Indonesia and the latter has happened to Japan. Climate change by natural occurrences such a horrible thing will not stop there but may just happen again with even more awesome events again.

Ironically all these events are mostly due to human activity that does not care about the environment. The use of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil has great contribution to global warming resulting in climate change. Similarly, burning of forests, exploitation of minerals and natural resources from under the ground, causing excessive damage to the soil, use Freon for car air conditioner, home air conditioner and refrigerator also contributed no small amount of global warming causing greenhouse effect and cause damage to the ozone. You need to know that nature has its own ways to make improvements and felt terrible events of human nature is now a part of nature to make improvements.

It required the seriousness of the government and all people to reduce use of fossil fuels. Required policy changes energy use from fossil fuel use with environmentally friendly fuel is to begin to utilize renewable energy sources are cleaner for the environment and provide many benefits to humans. Should no longer use Freon, forest fires, deforestation, pollution of sea water and air pollution. Now is the time people look for alternative technologies that can make clean energy and make the environment greener and more fresh and rich with oxygen. In these ways, the global warming, greenhouse effect, extreme climate, nature and environmental damage can be avoided. Nature has provided a lot of good to mankind, but mankind itself that has been destroying nature by greedy nature of human beings. Now is the time people go back to nature, nature-friendly living, living side by side with nature rather than destroy nature, so hopefully will make people's lives for the better today and also for the good of human offspring in the future.

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