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Minggu, 28 Desember 2014


What do you know about mangosteen peel? Did you also know that the mangosteen peel now can be extracted? Mangosteen peel contains powerful antioxidant xanthones. Based on the research proves that the mangosteen peel contains xanthones than most other parts of the mangosteen fruit. Scientific studies conducted in various countries shows that xanthones believed to be one of the strongest antioxidant found in the world. Empirically xanthones in mangosteen peel is believed to have spectacular benefits for the improvement of human health. There are several ways of doing such mangosteen peel extract process using alcohol and processes by using water without alcohol. Mangosteen peel extract process using water without alcohol gives many advantages such as the antioxidant content derived from the mangosteen peel will remain high. There are many benefits of mangosteen peel, which are: • Improve the body's cells are damaged as a result of exposure to free radicals • Preventing and controlling various cardiovascular diseases - associated with the heart and blood vessels such as heart disease, hypertension and removes plaque attached to the walls of blood vessels • Smooth flow of the blood to the organs of the body, thus making the organ works normally and not susceptible to disease • As a powerful antioxidant and acts as an anti-inflammatory • For Anti-Cancer or Tumor, etc So, starting today you should start consuming mangosteen peel extract because you will get a variety of health benefits for your body. Currently has produced a natural healthy beverage containing red ginger plus green beans plus mangosteen peel extract. This natural powder drink made by GM Solution with brand JAHE MERAH PLUS PLUS/RED GINGER PLUS PLUS. Have you tried it, the price is affordable, delicious taste, warm in the body and nourish surely.

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